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 Romanji in SMS Titles

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PostSubject: Romanji in SMS Titles   Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:09 pm

I've come across an interesting problem having to do with Romanji in the Japanese Titles and various Comic Reading Programs.

1. As you know from my previous post I use both the English and Japanese Romanji Title in my copies of SMS files Please see Previous Post

2. I use the following Comic Reading Software:
- -a. CDisplay-Super Old from 2004-Super easy because it's a quick a dirty program. (My Preferred Reader)
- -b. Comical Reader
- -c. QManga
- -d. ComicRack

3. All of these programs are good but CDisplay the Oldest has a problem it cannot read Romanji written in the Hepburn System. It also cannot read Hirgana, Katakana, or Kanji. Which should not affect anyone except if they read Japanese RAWs.

4. The Hepburn System is the most frequently used Romanji system their is. There are others; One of them is the Kunrei System. This one reflects the Hepbirn System in many ways except that the long vowels use a Circumflex ^ instead of a long Dash Above the Vowel as in ā.

5. CDisplay cannot read the long Dash Diphtong but since it can read French Characters will enable you to write Romanji Titles using the Kunrei System do that ā becomes â.

6. This means a title that is written using the Hepburn Sytem:
- -The Patient Nurse-(Chigire ta Hāto)-[SMS].rar - Will not work in CDisplay-Will work in all other Readers
- -can be written in the Kunrei System as:
- -The Patient Nurse-(Chigire ta Hâto)-[SMS].rar - Will work in all Readers

7. Because I use CDisplays so much I thought that other users who might be having a problem with opening the files; may find this useful.

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Romanji in SMS Titles
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