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 Hello for the 3rd time

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PostSubject: Hello for the 3rd time   Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:19 pm

hi there this is 3rd Reg i have had to do for u guys
I don't wanna sound B****y but i gotta speck my mind
I know u want to keep u'r site clear and clean but its kindda annoying when u inactivate my account every time. i know u want us to talk in forums and such but every day i vist this site and there was nothing new happening, plus i was tort "if u cant say anything good then dont say anything at all" Not only tht but i have uploaded some manga here for u my orig name was Azshari. i Love the work u guys put in to this site and the books for everyone to read.

again sorry if i sounded B****y

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Hello for the 3rd time
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